9. Session II: Introduction - Asle Toje, Member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee

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Leangkollen Security Conference 2019

Session II: "An Anglo-American Abdication of the Throne?"

The English-speaking, rule-based, liberal order that has structured world politics since the end of World War II is fracturing. President Donald Trump is cultivating an “America First” approach, signaling a possible withdrawal from international cooperation and from the role as a defender of a liberal world order. A weakened UK is headed into the last leg of the Brexit negotiations, putting strain on European cohesion and integration. Some argue that these are sensible reactions to what has been an unjust postwar construct. Consequently, other actors are rising to the challenge, advocating for alternative world orders. If the western model no longer fits, what are such alternative models? Should seeking global leadership be an aim for countries at all? And, if American leadership is nearing an end, what are the consequences for transatlantic relations and security?

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