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The cutest & the most mischievous necromancer, Wei Wuxian AKA Yiling Laozu ...

So, It's almost the end of 2018. And overall it has been a great year to me (except for a few things :v ).. You know why? It's because of Mo Dao Zu Shi.. Precisely Wei Ying... I literally can write a 100 page essay why I love him (JK .. that's just my emotions) ..

This year, I also got into editing AMV's.. It has given me an awesome opportunity to interact with many amazing people.. Well...I'm steel a noob at editing ... but I promise next year I'll definitely try to improve myself more at this .. ( Ayyyy.. That's my new year resolution xD )

Hope the following year brings as much joy as this year & I seriously can't wait for 2019.. ( Cause You know, A heavenly year for MXTX fandom )

Okay.. I'ma stop my (meaningless) rant in here (Cause I started with something & finished somewhere else ,just like this AMV.. :v ) ..

& Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.. xD


Donghua - Mo Dao Zu Shi / Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation / 魔道祖师

Song - Ski mask the slump god - Catch me outside



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