Cocoa POD to CHOCOLATE Bar - How to Make A DIY Bean-to-Chocolate Bar at Home

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It all started with a mystery box of fruit which lead me down the path of making a bar of #chocolate from a cocoa pod. So here's all the steps including; fermenting, drying, roasting, winnowing, crushing, grinding, conching, tempering, molding, and finally EATING my pod-to-chocolate bar. 😅 Big thanks to my boys, for always being game. 💕

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Mystery Fruit Unboxing:

Cocoa Pod Taste Test:

My chocolate making references:

How to Cook That:

French Guy Cooking:

horgerj :

Gabe Humpheries:

Chocolate Cacao:


Dora Morrow:


Aden Film:

Fat Daddio chocolate mold (Amazon affiliate link):

Cocoa butter tablets (Amazon affiliate link):

Raw cacao beans (Amazon affiliate link):

My sous vide is an old Nomiku that is no longer being made, but there are many good brands that are reasonably priced.


Some of the above links are Amazon affiliate links and I receive a small commission with each sale at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for the support.

This video is NOT sponsored. Just making chocolate. 😅

'Espresso' and 'Aquarela' are courtesy of and 'Sprightly' from iMovie. If you're reading this, you're on the inside. Comment: "Sweet! 🙌."

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