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Dr.Vasishth’s AyuRemedies.

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Ahmedabad – 380 007,

Gujarat, India.


Shati (Hedychium spicatum) ext. 300 mg; Madhuyashti

(Glycyrrhiza glabra) ext. 250 mg; Zaharmohra (Serpentine) bh.

225 mg; Yashad (Zinc) bh. 25 mg.


On the basis of the individual actions of its ingredients,

LERGEX Tablet acts as – (1) Anti-allergic; (2) Anti-histaminic;

(3) Bronchodilator; (4) Anti-asthmatic; (5) Anti-tussive; (6)

Reinforces immunity, etc.


On the basis of the individual actions of its ingredients, LERGEX

Tablet is used as an adjuvant in the management of:

• Naso-pharyngeal allergy – pratishyaya (rhinitis), peenasa

(sinusitis), kantha-shotha (tonsillo-pharyngitis), etc;

• Bronchial allergy – asatmyaja-kasa (allergic bronchitis),

shvasaja-kasa (asthmatic bronchitis), tamaka-shvasa

(bronchial asthma), etc;

• Skin allergy – sheetapitta (urticaria), tvak-shotha (dermatitis),

vicharchika (eczema), beej-doshaja-tvak-shotha (atopic


• Food allergy – atisara (diarrhea), grahani (entero-colitis);

• Eye allergy – netra-abhishyanda (conjunctivitis); and

• Drug allergy – asatmya-aushadha-janya-roga

(hypersensitivity / allergy to the drugs)

Dosage schedule:

Adults: (i) Acute allergy - 2 tabs stat, followed by 1-2 tabs,

every 2-3 hours, until relief in the symptoms or a maximum of

12 tablets in 24 hours; (ii) Chronic allergy - 2 tabs thrice a day.

On getting the desired / maximum results, gradually taper off

the dose to the minimal dose required. Maintenance dose – 1

tab once / twice a day.

Children (6-9 yrs): ¼-½ of the adult dose. Crush the tablet

and administer with water, syrup, honey, milk, fruit juice etc.

following the same schedule as for the adults.


Nothing specific.

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