Fenugreek ( methi seeds) juice / Fenugreek for weight loss/diabetic friendly/ Fenugreek hair pack

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Fenugreek also know as methi when consumed in the form of juice or chewing a handful cc an help enhance bowl movements,good for digestion and heartburns,

As Fenugreek is rich in fibre and antioxidants it flush out harmful toxins

Drink the water or boil and drink adding two spoons of Fenugreek seeds

It lowers cholesterol ( LDL) and blood sugar levels and high triglycerides thus cutting down cardiovascular diseases

How to prepare

Soak two spoons of Fenugreek seeds in one glass of water and next morning boil adding one more glass after five minutes strain add lemon and honey if you are diabetic drink driectly

Use for three months for amazing health benefits

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