How to Run Faster | Tip# 3 Breathing Technique | Sprint Faster (Tamil)

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How to Run Faster is Explained in this video.Try to apply More Force on ground.Running Technique is very important if you want to win in a Race.If your Running technique is Incorrect then you cannot generate more force on ground which will make you lose a race in a few milliseconds.So please be focused on your Running Technique.Try to take shorter strides rather than long strides which will increase your stride frequency and also enables you to apply more force on ground.This correct Running Technique increase your speed in ground contact times.The lesser your ground contact time on ground the more speed you can run.

In this video breathing techniques are explained in Detail.

1)Nose Breathing

2)Mouth Breathing

Nose breathing is done from heart which stores 20% of oxygen.when a sprinter runs through nose breathing due to lack of oxygen he cannot maintain sprint speed.

Mouth breathing is done from lungs which stores oxygen in stomach.we exhale oxygen from stomach through our mouth which stores 80% oxygen.

So most oxygen is stored in stomach which comes from mouth breathing is best to maintain running sprinters should follow mouth breathing to enhance sprint speed.

Sprint Faster

Sprint Faster using Breathing Technique

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Coach Ramkumar | How to run faster | Breathing technique | Sprint Faster

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