"Improving" The Cheapest Axe On AMAZON (with epoxy)

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This video is about two things:

1) Repairing a tool handle using epoxy and rubber shavings.

2) Adding mass to a tool handle using epoxy and bbs.


This process makes the handle a bit too heavy. A better way to improve a hollow tool handle might be to insert a wooden rod (using epoxy). I thought that I might like the balance of the axe this way, but I thought wrong. I now think I prefer an axe that has its heft mostly in its head; an axe is simply a different tool from a hammer, and as such, its use requires a different type of swing. Please learn from my mistake. Nevertheless, this was a cool process, and the video should still be useful to you.

Tinkering is often a dead-end, but such is the nature of experimentation. Sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination, right? Hope you enjoy.

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