Is it a food allergy or just food intolerance?

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Have you ever heard someone say they're a little allergic to a particular food? Health editors at Consumer Reports say there’s no such thing. A food intolerance is more likely.

And while some of the symptoms of an allergy and a food intolerance are similar, the differences between the two are critical.

Food allergies attack the immune system. A food intolerance affects the digestive system. Identifying whether you have an intolerance or an allergy is important because it can make your quality of life much better.

People with a food intolerance can still eat certain foods without serious consequences. But for someone with an allergy, touching, inhaling, or ingesting even a microscopic amount of an allergenic food can be deadly.

If you suspect there’s a problem, see an allergist to make sure it’s not a food allergy, which can be severe and even fatal. If it’s not a food allergy, it’s important to keep a log of your symptoms, your diet, and the foods that make you feel unwell so that you can share it with your doctor.


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