Keyboard and Mouse on XBOX ONE. THE best BOT?

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Keyboard and Mouse on XBOX ONE. THE best BOT?

Multistreaming with

Mouse and Keyboard on XBOX ONE solo Grinding for the win

Mouse and keyboard on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X. Former fortnite XiM user. Switched because i wanted to try native mouse and keyboard, ended up liking it a whole lot.

My mouse

If you're wanting to try mouse and keyboard all you have to do is make sure your polling rate/report rate is set to 125hz. I haven't heard of any keyboards not working but if you're looking for a recommendation you can try mine.

Delux keyboard

The giant mouse pad i use.

I stream using an older elgato hd but if you're looking to get into streaming i suggest using an elgato hd 60s.

Or you can look at the item that started this channel.

The XiM Apex.

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