Mediterranean Diet Day 6 - What I Ate Today

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Sorry I seem so glum in this video! It was really late and I was very tired. This is a short one in which I only talk about what I ate on day 6 (plus a little complaining at the end of the video about how tired I am of vegetables)

Here's what I ate today:


I diced up two 1/4" slices of onion, one tomato, and half of a red bell pepper and fried them in oil for about 5-7 minutes with a tiny bit of salt. Then I added three eggs and scrambled it all together. Once the eggs were just about set I pulled the pan off the heat and cracked from pepper over it and then topped it with an avocado. It was a great meal!


I had a cup of yogurt and added fresh blueberries, raw oats, and some chopped nuts. You could use any kind of fruit or nut you want with a meal like this. I usually add a layer of these toppings to the top of the yogurt and then eat it until all that good stuff is gone and then I add another layer of each of those things to the top again, and keep going until the yogurt is gone.

For a snack I had some leftover tomato salad from yesterday.

For dinner I had a veggie sandwich on wheat bread from a restaurant my wife and I went to. When you're eating out you just have to do the best with what they have on the menu. Luckily this place had a sandwich that worked pretty well for my diet, even though the bread probably wasn't as good as it good have been.

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