Mental Running Tips: 3 tips for long distance running beginners

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Mental Running Tips. Check out my 3 tips for long-distance running beginners, who are looking to make the step up from running 5k or 10k distances, and even those looking to step it up above a half-marathon. The physiology involved in running longer distances than this is very different. Learn how in my video, and some simple mental tips to help you blast past distance barriers.

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My channel brings together my interests in psychology and photography. Join me as I discover our world, inside and out sharing practical psychology facts and advice as well as interesting travel video and photography, combined with great music.

I am 3-day-a-week-stay-at-home-parent to two daughters, and live with my wife, Sarah, and our dog Benji, and cat Ruru in beautiful Wellington in New Zealand. My roots are in the Panjab in India, from which my parents emigrated to the UK in the 1960s. I was born and raised in London, and lived, studied and worked all over the UK before emigrating myself to New Zealand in 2005.

I’ve been a psychologist for over 30 years, and a clinical psychologist for over half that time. I have two doctoral level degrees; a PhD from the University of Cardiff, UK and another Clinical Doctorate (DClinPsy) for UCL, in London, UK. Find out more about me at

Until recently (when I made the decision to focus on YouTube), I was a University Associate Professor. I still have an honorary position there.

I still broadcast regularly here in New Zealand

and am also featured in the International news media too

I also have a successful podcast called, Who cares? What’s the point, where I interview psychologists from around the world about why we should care about their research.

Watch out for this coming to YouTube soon as an animated sketch series!

I’ve also been a photographer since 4 years old, and have recently been shortlisted for a Regional Arts Award, won a US Embassy in NZ Public Diplomacy Grant, as well as holding some of my own exhibitions.

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