MY dog has black ear discharge - otitis externa - ear irrigation and how I cure it

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Bleeding black ear discharge deep inside the ear. The groomer advised the owner to get the dog treated by the vet. The video shows ear irrigation in this dog. Ear ontment (anti-mite, anti-fungal, anti-biotics and anti-inflam) will be given 3X/week to clear residual ear infections in the horizontal canal. Review one month later.

Causes could be allergy to the commercial ear drops used by the groomer and ulcerations from microbes and mites. A monthly review is advised but few owners return if the dog's ears are OK. 

Weekly ear maintenance may be needed for some dogs, but many Singaporean owners delegate the job to the groomer during grooming which may be once in 2 months. Some dogs resist and dislike ear cleaning by the owners and so this is not done. Some dogs react to commercial ear drops and so these should not be used.

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