R. Kelly Cops Called During Bday Bash | Warrant Issued For Ex Manager | R Kelly Evicted?

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R. Kelly is the buzz word at this point. Its crazy how this documentary has completely turned into everyday news. It seems that every hour, something new is coming out about R. Kelly, one of the alleged victims or one of their parents. Well last night R Kelly performed at V75 club in Chicago and someone called the police and tipped them off on R Kelly being there and told the police that R Kelly had a warrant out for his arrest. The police arrived on the scene and found out that wasn't true. R. Kelly sung and the fans were not upset at all.

Now his former manager is on the run after threatening Timothy Savage, who is the father of Joyclyn Savage who is also believed to be a part of his ensemble of women.

So much is going on with R Kelly right now, its hard to keep up.

What are your thoughts?

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