R. Kelly's Family: 2 Brothers And Transgender Child

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R. Kelly is a performer and songwriter in R’n’B, hip-hop, gospel, and soul genres as well as a record producer and multi-instrumentalist, who plays the piano, guitar and on the keys. Three times winner of Grammy Award was born in 1967 in Chicago. He started signing as young as 8 in a church choir and later was performing on the streets, until he created own band “MGM” with a friend. They took part in a TV contest of talents and have won $100.000. Due to this money, they have released the first single and later signed a contract with Jive Records. Few years later, he left the group to start a solo career that turned into a huge success with millions of fans across the globe and millions of sold copies.

Kelly has definitely inherited his mother’s Joanne talent to singing. She was raising kids on her own, as the father was almost always away. She died of cancer in 1993.

The I believe I Can Fly singer has two brothers.

Bruce is the eldest one. He lives in Chicago and is a father to three children.

Younger brother, Carey is a dad to six children.

The R’n’B superstar was married twice.

His first spouse was famous singer Aaliyah whom he married in 1994 when she was only 15 years old. Due to this, it was annulled a year later by the court. The couple stated, they never had any sexual involvement. Who knows what the future had for this former couple? Maybe they would reunite within some years if Aaliyah wasn’t killed in plane crash. It happened in 2001, when she was coming back with her crew from the video shoot.

Andrea Danyell Kelly had been married to a worldwide known artist for 13 years, since 1996 up till 2009. It started as a business relationship between the two, where Andrea was a creative director for Kelly’s shows. Very quickly it grew into infatuation, then love and finally, marriage. Even despite the divorce, they remain to be close friends and wonderful co-parents to their three children.

Their first child, Joann was welcomed to the world in 1998. Like her famous dad, she is also into the entertainment industry. She created a YouTube channel and regularly uploads cover songs under the stage name Buku Abi.

Jay, who is a transgender child was delivered in 2000 and became an amazing and unique addition to a family. Until 14, Jay lived as a girl called Jaya. According to him, he knew he was a girl since the age of 6. It only took a couple of years to wait until the right time to announce it to the public. In one of the Instagram posts, Jay also noted that he is planning to do all necessary surgeries to finalize the transformation. The mother is very supportive of her now son. But unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the father.

The youngest kid is Robert, who was born in 2002, having made the family even happier.

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