Running Tip 1-Calculate your marathon pace

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Running tip number 1. Use this formula in order to calculate your marathon pace. Here is the formula. You will need a heart rate monitor, a track or an accurately measured mile course, and the ability to time yourself.

Step 1 Calculate your max heart rate. There are several painful methods for calculating this number. I have found this calculator by Gallagher fitness, is easy and very accurate.

Step 2. Multiply your max heart rate by .85

My max heart rate is 175 so.85 x 175 = 150

Step 3. Go to the track or measured mile and run two miles as close to this number as possible without going over. If you go over this slowdown.

Step 4 What you average for this 2 miles is your marathon pace.

Step 5. Now when you run your marathon you can either wear a heart rate monitor and do not go over this number calculated in step 2 or keep your pace as close to this pace as possible for at least 15 miles

I like to perform this test two weeks before the marathon

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