Running Tip 2 Correct arm swing while running

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Science of running tip number 2. Correct arm swing.

In this video I would like to talk about your arm swing while running. According to Dr. Romanov who is the founder of POSE running method and has spent many years analysing runners he maintains that role of your arms should be the minimum possible to maintain balance.

The more balanced the body is while running the more efficient it will be.

Another item to keep in mind is that an efficient runner will maintain a cadence of around 180 foot strikes per minute.

The arms must keep up with this rapid cadence in order to maintain balance.

Look at the two different arm swings. One is an exaggeration and keeping the arm straight. It requires a lot more energy to maintain 180 swings per minute.

Compare that to when the arms are in close. 10 seconds

An easy method to find the correct angle of your arms is to place two fingers and bend your arms until you touch your fingers. 6 seconds

Take a look at haile grabesalose and mo farah two elite distance runners ever and how they carries their arms.

I also when have several clips of elite runners in the show notes and notice their arm swing.

Another way to stay in balance is to not cross over. Imagine a line from your nose and your arms should not cross this line 8 seconds

Video tape yourself running towards someone and see if your arms cross over.

You can download a free app called coaches eye and go frame by frame

My friend who coaches high school cross country and has several state championships and has qualified teams for the national nike meet describes holding your arms almost like a boxer.

The goal of the arms is to maintain balance while using as little energy as possible.

If you watch elite runners clicking off 4:15 minute miles in the 5k their arms seem to barely be working.

So go ahead and get your arms at the proper angle and go for a run. See what is feels like.

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