Running Tip 8 - Improve your 5K time with this workout

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Need to improve your 5K time? Bored with your 5k training. This workout will help build strength and endurance. I have always called it " Aussie Quarters" because it Robert De castella who is a former world record holder would complete this workout each week.

Here is how the running workout that builds strength and endurance for your best 5K and 10K racing works.

Here is how it works.

Basically, it is 8 by 400 meters at race pace with a 200-meter recovery i minute slower than race pace.

The difference is the 200-meter recovery is not a slow jog, it is brisk.

Start with a 200-meter recovery and complete 8 400’s and you get a 5K

Let’s look at an example race time = 21:44 which equals a race pace of 7:00 per mile

Each 400 = 1:45 seconds

The recovery should be 1 minute slower per mile pace

Add 1 minute to 7-minute pace = 8:00 per mile pace which is 2:00 per 400 so the recovery would be 1 minute for the 200 meters

The key to the work out is to run the 400 at exactly race pace because the recovery is not a walk or slow jog.

This work out completed consistently will build strength and endurance which are key to a fast 5K


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