Running Tips For Beginners 5k - My 3 best tips for beginner runners

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Running is the oldest exercise known to man. Our early ancestors were in shape, they had to run for survival, run to get food, and walk and run for traveling. In our modern lifestyle we don’t even have to wait long for a taxi anymore, because we have Ubers circling our areas. If you are considering running as a means to get into better shape for the new year, you are going to want to keep 3 tips in mind to avoid injury and reap all the benefits!

1. Start Off With Managable Intervals

2. Don’t Start Out Like “The Hare”

3. Your Body Needs Rest, It’s Ok To Head Back To The Couch (Kinda)

I’m so proud of you for taking these first steps to learn how running can enhance your life!

Happy Running!

-Coach Tadris

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