The Evolution Of Danielle Bregoli: From 'Cash Me Outside' To ' Bhad Bhabie'

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This Is How Danielle Bregoli Went From Dr. Phil Apperance To Legit Rapper.

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Danielle Bregoli rose to worldwide fame after she released her hit track “Hi Bich”, but that was after she gained a large fanbase from her appearance on “Dr. Phil” where she became known as the “cash me outside” girl. Since attending the Turn-About Ranch that seemingly didn’t help, this girl became a charting rapper, named Bhad Bhabie by manager Adam Kluger. She signed with Atlantic Records only month after being in court for multiple criminal charges and has now released a song featuring Snoop who exactly is this girl and how on this green Earth did she turn her life around and become the rap star she is today. In 2018 at the Billboard Music Awards she was one of three to be nominated for Top Female Rap Artist of the Year...the other, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Yup, you heard right. With a sold out tour and a mixtape in the making this “Gucci Flip Flops” hit maker is only beginning her long career. Her talent is undeniable, but her background has critics and cynics making comments, but does Danielle care, we really don’t think for a second. Danielle Bregoli has an evolution different from any star we’ve seen before and we can wait to show you exactly how she’s made it big. Watch The Trendy to find out all the secrets and details on this ladies budding rapper stardom!

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