THRIFT STORE BREADMAKER Bread - Will a 30-YEAR OLD bread machine bake delicious CHEAP bread?

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I found a 30-year old Zojirushi #breadmaker at the thrift store because I want to know: 1.) WILL IT BAKE? 2.) How will it taste? 3.) How #cheap will the #bread be? Let's DO IT.

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DIY Cocoa Pod to Bar Chocolate Bar:

Tangzhong Japanese Hokkaido Bread:

This video is NOT sponsored. I'm just baking with a thrift store bread machine. 🍞

Zojirushi Bread Maker (Amazon affiliate link):


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'The Writer's House' and 'A Walk in the Park 1 'And Better' 'Leaves'' are courtesy of and 'Sprightly' from iMovie. If you're reading this, you're the best. Comment: "🍞🍞🍞"

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