Watz So Hot Ep 7: Hot Ones Style (Reppin The Homies Challenge)

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This is the first ever Watz So Hot Chellenge where Jay Peezy asks the questions, putting Watzreal in the hot seat live! Watzreal goes live on air talking about his newest project "Itz All Love" as him and Jay eat the flaming hot wings neither of them have ever tried! Each wing prepared with different heat levels that go from mild to Habanero to Ghost Pepper hot to Carolina Reaper hot! After a surprise visit from Rahman Jamaal they do the unthinkable! They end the interview with a double dab!! How hot are these hot sauces? Who handles the heat better? How much almond milk does Jay need? You'll have to watch to find out!

"Watz So Hot" With Watzreal

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Shot by Taste Nate (YCGF)

Produced by Yellow Cake Guerilla Films


#SpicyWings #CarolinaReaper #HipHopForChangeRadio

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