Weight Loss: Tips & Tricks

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Happy Saturday all! I filmed this on a Friday

(as you will see) but, hey, technology, right?

I hope all is well with you. I made this video 

by request. I've had many people wanting to know 

how I have lost weight and, even though I don't

have any HUGE, groundbreaking ideas these are

the tips and tricks that helped me achieve my

weight loss goals so far.  I hope they are helpful

to you as well. I'm not an expert but these tips

have served me well.

I will list my tips and tricks down here below for

you so you can refer back to them easier as

well as any pertinent links. If I missed something,

let me know.

Enjoy and have a great weekend. Get out there and

enjoy it. The weather is a tad sketchy where

I am but I'm going to get my activity in somehow.

Tips & Tricks

1. There are TWO important purchases that should

    be made:

        a) A GOOD digital food scale that measures

            in ounces AND grams (important)

        b) A dependable body scale (don't go thrifty

            on this one it will only frustrate you later)


    *Sharper Image Precision Digital Food Scale


    *EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale



2. Weigh EVERYTHING you eat. Every. Little. Thing.

    Do NOT "eyeball" food quantity and serving sizes,

    that's how a lot of us got here in the first place (at

    least it was for ME). Want to test this theory? I did

    with my husband. I asked him to place a serving

    size of M&Ms in a bowl weighed it and it was

    THREE servings.


3. Log EVERYTHING. Again, every. Little. Thing. You

    will be surprised at how easy little bits of this and

    that all day can add up. Be honest with yourself.

    Again, not doing this will only frustrate you later.

    I use the LoseIt app but any food tracking app will



4. Take sips of water as you're eating your meals. It

    forces you to slow down while you eat and helps

    you fill up faster. Also, WATER! We have to drink

    it and this helps.


5. Keep safe snacks in your purse, your car, at work,

    at home. Be PREPARED.


6. Move DAILY. No, you do not have to go from

    hanging out on the couch to running marathons but



7. Don't take away your favorite foods completely.

    Be sure to incorporate them into your day or

    week so you don't feel like you're depriving yourself.

    Make sure to add it to your log of course.


8. Do not let your scale make or break your day. Do

    not give it that power.  


9. Measure yourself.


10. FORGIVE YOURSELF for having a bad day.


12. Do NOT compare your progress with others. It is said

      that "Comparison is the thief of joy". Your journey is

      just that, YOURS.


13. Encourage others. be there for others as they go on

      their journey to good health.

14. Breathe. SMILE. Be grateful. Be thankful and KNOW

      that you CAN do this. you have it in you to do this.


    A few of the people I follow on Instagram are Jay Shetty,

    Fat Girl Fed up (Alexis Reed), Rachel Hollis and

    Revolution Health Coach (Corey). I have the ELIVEN app

    that delivers positive quotes daily but there are LOTS of

    those apps out there.



Skinny Jeans Blend:

*2 Drops Yarrow/POM

*2 Drops Frankincense

*2 Drops Tumeric

*2 Drops Pink Pepper

*2 Drops Black Pepper    

- Place drops in Veggie cap and take morning and night

  along with 2 Mito2Max supplements (personally, I take

  my second dose of Mito2Max no later than 1 pm or it

  keeps me up all night).



Do you have any tips and tricks that work great for YOU?

Comment down below.  Thanks for watching!


Where to get your own essential oils:


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Contact me: SimplydoterrabyMaggie@gmail.com





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