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Working With a Qualified Basement Remodeling Contractor

Basement remodeling contractors work closely with homeowners to make sure that his or her design for the new space is brought to life exactly as planned. More importantly, such a contractor also knows just how to check that a remodel doesn’t negatively affect a home’s structural integrity in the long run. Such an issue should never be overlooked, since the value of a home can increase or decrease rapidly based on whether it’s structurally sound. While there are many benefits of hiring someone who is skilled in basement remodeling, one of the best considerations should be cost. It goes without saying that no matter what kind of contractor you get, you’re going to have to pay him or her.

When you search online to find basement remodeling contractor bids, you’ll find that the cost of the job varies widely from company to company. Of course, the most obvious consideration when you’re searching for basement renovations is the price per square foot. This may seem like an easy enough concept to grasp, but keep in mind that different contractors will charge different rates. For instance, you might have seen ads for a basement renovation contractor who charges $700 per square foot. The same contractor may offer a job that costs less than half that amount, so it’s important to know exactly how much your remodel will cost overall.

Before hiring anyone to work on your basement, there are several things you need to do to ensure you’re working with the best possible contractor. Check the references provided by the prospective designer or renovation team. A good place to start would be to contact either the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce to determine if there have been any complaints against the basement remodeling contractor in the past. Additionally, make sure you call and verify the number provided by the company.

Once you have verified the background of your chosen basement remodeling contractor or builder, it’s time to sit down and discuss the scope of the job. The completed basement will be a highly valuable asset to your home, so be sure the budget outlined by both you and the contractor includes all of the expected costs. If you are unable to come to a concrete agreement regarding the costs, discuss the costs of each aspect with the contractor. Be sure that you are both very clear on the timeline and cost estimates. It is often not wise to hire a basement contractor or builder who tries to add on costs at the end of the project.

As part of the overall cost of the basement remodeling project, another item that many homeowners fail to consider is the impact that the contractors or sub-contractors will have on your insurance policy. A good rule of thumb is that you should only allow professional basement remodeling contractors to handle any and all work that is associated with the basement. While it may be perfectly acceptable for a homeowner to allow their handyman friends to work a few parts of the room, they should not be allowed to work on any major components of the project. In addition, these “do-it-yourself” friends might attempt to use their friend’s social status to get additional work done on the homeowner’s project, or they might try to convince the homeowner that the homeowner should contract with them instead of hiring a more qualified and established company. By working with licensed contractors who are licensed and insured, homeowners can rest assured that their insurance policy will adequately protect them.

If there is any part of your basement that needs renovation, no matter how small it might be, it is important to let a qualified professional basement remodeling contractor or builder know about it. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that there is a difference between types of work that is included in a basement remodeling project and that requires construction credentials and permits. For example, if there is a hole in the ceiling, it will require a construction permit. Rather than trying to dig through the ceiling to find an approved route to fill the hole, a professional basement remodeling contractor can simply take measures to make sure that the hole does not become a hazard once the ceiling is reinstalled. Similarly, if any part of the basement walls require repair or replacement, the contractor can often suggest options that might not have been considered.

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